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EST. 2016
Exploration. Observation.
Unbound Inspiration.


MANIFEST's fragrances capture the essence of unexplored places at unexpected times. A manifest of the moment, each edition evokes a confluence of coordinates distilled into a sensory experience. Time, light, scent, and sight. The rush of wanderlust and the thrill of the new. A report from offroad. A dare to adventure.

Founded by textile importer Ven Gialouris as a living travelogue of his expeditions in color, culture, and chance, MANIFEST launched in 2016 with YUCATÁN, its first fragrance excursion. Ven’s scents, sourced entirely from the wild elements of uncharted destinations, evoke more than a place in time—they capture a piece of the earth, the air, and the spirit of his adventures.

Manifest Parfums

“Anyone who can leave the yucatán with indifference has never been an artist and will never be a scholar.”

Claude-Joseph Désiré Charnay
French Archaeologist & Explorer
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2014.06.19 — 2014.07.08
Field Notes

Field Notes

It was impossible not to be inspired by the Yucatan. The coalescing of Mayan, Spanish colonial and modern Mexican culture on a backdrop of verdant vegetation and Caribbean coast. The call of the jungle and the sea.

1 / Date. Time. Place of Observation.

June 19th – July 8th, 2014
Tulum. Valladolid. Playa Del Carmen. Cozumel.

2 / Rituals + Facts

Offerings. Burning of copal resin at Chichen Itza. Food of the gods. Purification. Ceremonial smoke by way of Palo Santo, Spanish Holy Wood. Sacred spaces. Cenotes, sunken caves filled with pure water treasured by the Mayans. Freedom. The Yucatán traditionally considered itself independent from Mexico, an attitude and energy that’s still reflected in its culture today. Native. Contains the highest population of indigenous peoples, the Mayans, in North America.

3 / Sensory Impressions

Verdant ruins. Sand and smoke. Salted leather. New life from broken forms. Lush horizon. Tangled elements. Where the jungle meets the sea, and the land meets the sky. Crude comfort. An intoxicating assault on the senses.

4 / Personal Responses

Most resonant: the crash of Mayan, Spanish colonial, and modern Mexican culture set against a wild, jungle coastline.

5 / Words and Phrases

Copalli. Aztec Nahuatl, Copal.

6 / For Future Investigation

Explore Merida, largest city of the peninsula. Watch flamingo migration. Swim with the whale sharks of Isla Mujeres. Go deeper into the wild.

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eau de parfum
eau de parfum

Scent Notes

YUCATÁN Eau De Parfum is the result of Ven’s exploration and observance from his last trip to the Yucatan. Capturing in the essence of the peninsula, YUCATAN opens with the green notes of its lush jungles that yield to the wood and smoke of the holy Palo Santo tree, sacred copal resin and narcotic florals. An authentic manifestation of a beautiful place.


Crude jungle vegetation of Amatl: Yucatán strangler vine. Narcotic flowers and tangy green fruit of the Yucatán’s exotic brush: Sapote, Xac Pac, and Cherimoya.


Copal from the holy Pom tree.

3 / WOOD

Palo Santo, Holy Wood from Sip’che’ Bursera, inspired by the Sacred Tree of Yaaxche.

Manifest Parfums

“One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight, for a very long time, of the shore​”

André Gide
French Author
Manifest Parfums


Ven Gialouris

Understanding the power of scent to inspire and transport, MANIFEST was founded by textile importer Ven Gialouris as a means to capture a piece of his expeditions and share them with the people he cares about. Each of MANIFEST's scents are a sensory excursion composed of raw materials from the destinations they capture.

Ven Gia
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